Practice Areas

We're experts in our field

Criminal Law

From small misdemeanors to more serious crimes, we represent our clients who find themselves being accused of commiting an offense.

Business Immigration Law

At VH lawyers we work to make sure your compliant with business immigration laws, avoid large fines and reputational damage.

Family Law

Be it criminal and civil, we understand that family law cases can be stressful and we're here to support you through your case.

Housing Law

Whether your a landlord or a tenant, we'll take a thorough approach to helping you with your housing issues and providing expert advice.

Employment Law

At VH Lawyers, we act in an agile and professional manner, allowing us to keep up with the ever-changing environment of the workplace.

Personal Immigration Law

Whether you're having problems with visa applications or deportation, our team of experienced lawyers are here to support you.

Our Fees

Our transparency in what we do also extends to our fees. We know that no two cases are exactly the same but we’re commited to giving you an excellent personalised service at a reasonable price. The standard hourly rates for our partners are as shown below:

Vendrys D Henry : £267 per hour
Olatunde Edun : £230 per hour

If your interested in working with us to overcome your problem or just want to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by clicking the link below.